Tapas Menu

The co-owners of of the restaurant infused the Korean home cooking they grew up with to the tapas style menu at Urraca. Their passion and dedication shows in their flavourful food. We invite you to enjoy the delicious tapas made from scratch every day. You can always look forward to dishes cooked with heart and soul and served with a dash of creativity at Urraca.


KOBE SLIDERS Beef, Swiss Cheese, Fries, Foie Gras Shavings - 12Kobe Sliders 2


BEEF TATAKI Shaved AAA beef, Kalbi, Marinade, Garlic, Soy - 11


URRACA BEEF TACOS Korean Beef, Avocado, Salsa, Cheddar - 8


URRACA NACHO Wonton Chips, Mozzarella & Cheddar, Beef, Jalapeno - 10       


BULGOGI BIBIM BAP Assorted Vegetables, Rice, Beef, Egg, Chili Paste - 11


Crispy Beef Beef, Tomato, Cucumber, Seasame Soy Dressing, Orange, Carrots, Pepper - 10


KIMCHI FRIES Caramelized Kimchi, Beef, Sambal, Cheese - 9      


BULGOGI POUTINE Asian Gravy, Cheese curds, Sour Cream, Beef - 8Kimchi Fries


Pulled Pork Shoulder Fajita ( Feeds 2 people) - 15
Tortilla, Sauteed Vegetables, Chimichurri, Sour Cream


Spicy Pork Flatbread Green Onion Pesto, Spicy Pork, Kimchi - 11


ROAST PORK BELLY Kimchi, SsamgJjang, Apple Slaw, Jalapenol - 10


DON-KATSU Pork Cutlet, Nappa Slaw, Katsu Sauce - 10


Tofu Kimchi (두부김치) Caramelized Kimchi, Marinated Pork, Steamed Tofu - 13


CHICKEN WINGS Chicken, Sweet & Spicy Honey Garlic Sauce, Blue Cheese - 11

Rice cake seafood


Urraca Chicken Salad - 10
Roast Chicken, Spring Mix, Sundried Tomato, Apple, Dressing, Fried Tortilla Strips, Avocado, Tomato  


BBQ CHICKEN FLATBREAD BBQ Sauce, Smoked Chicken, Onion Mozzarella & Cheddar - 11       


CHICKEN BITES Chicken, Sambal Mayo, Pickled Slaw, Sesame - 8              


SEAFOOD RICE CAKE (해물 떡볶이) Assorted Seafood, Chili Paste, Cheese Curds -12


SHRIMP FLATBREAD Shrimp, Green Onion Pesto, Spicy Mayo, Semi Dried Tomato - 11      


TUNA TATAKI Seared Tuna, Ponzu, Arugula - 12


MUSSEL SOUP (홍합탕) PEI Mussels, Broth, Radish11

Bulgogi Poutine


Fish Cake Soup (오뎅탕) Kelp Broth, Radish, Fish Cake10


Sauteed Chinese Broccoli Broccoli, Sambal, Fish Sauce6


KIMCHI RICE BALLS Rice, Kimchi, Garlic Mayo - 7








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